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  Chris R Green
IT Consultant
24 Longwool Run, Cullompton
Devon, EX15 1TY, UK   – Map –



Chris R Green – Profile
24 Longwool Run, Cullompton, Devon, EX15 1TY
07968-141368  –
Updated: 4th Jan 2016
As IT Consultant / Business Analyst, I advise on improving and automating business processes through technology, implemented primarily by PC and website based software solutions. I have extensive experience in developing computer software (full life cycle), with over 25 years in a software house environment and recently in a freelance capacity. During my career I have established strong analytical / problem solving skills and gained good client facing experience (to board level), in SMEs from a wide variety of industries. I can accurately analyse & logically interpret end-user requirements, prepare / present these professionally, prototype concepts, project management & develop these through to completion / client sign-off. Am highly self-motivated I can work on my own, in teams, manage small teams & liaise with 3rd parties.

  • with PEAR / CURL
  • logins / security
  • PHPmailer
  • REST api’s with JSON & XML
  • written using PhpED IDE
  • jQuery + UI, JavaScript / HTML
  • hardcoded/dynamically from PHP
  • dynamic popups (jQuery, AJAX, PHP)
  • Android Apps
  • Mobile/Tablet Apps
  • Written in Java
  • Eclipse ADT
  • Android SDK.
  • Joomla / WordPress
  • developed bespoke extensions
  • plugins / PHP pages
  • dynamic AJAX generated pop-ups
  • popup forms
  • information windows
  • (CMS, MVC)
  • WordPress – 3.4.2
  • Websites, like this site
  • responsive websites
  • squeeze pages
  • opt-in forms
  • newsletters
  • email marketing
  • dynamically created HTML
  • popup info / forms
  • login screens
  • encryption / security
  • DHTML, XHTML, CSS & Flash
  • Data extraction and manipulation
  • interfacing to 3rd party API’s
  • social media plugins
  • synchronising Websites/PC databases
  • Databases
  • MySQL 5
  • SQL Server 10
  • with triggers + stored procedures
  • Access, InnoDB, MyISAM, 4GL
  • 4GL database languages
  • Office 2010/2013
  • Web interfaces in VBA
  • Word, Excel, Visio
  • Publisher, Project, PowerPoint
  • MapPoint, VSTO utilities
  • Visual Studio 2012
  • Mainly Visual Basic
  • (2013, 2012, 2010, 2008, VB6)
  • Crystal Reports
    Operating Systems
  • Windows
  • Ubuntu on VM VirtualBox
  • Apache / IIS 7
    Social networking sites
  • Facebook, Twitter
  • Google+, LinkedIn
  • Business pages
  • Visitor recommendations / likes
    Also gained a knowledge of:-
  • Drupal
  • Zend
  • Mambo
  • Symfony
  • Concrete5.5
  • Magento
  • NoSQL
  • C# (developed using .NET for 3 mths)
    Business Analysis
    Project Management
  • Scrum (Agile)
  • Waterfall
  • MS Project
  • Critical path
  • Communications
    Writing Specifications
  • UML
  • dataflow / workflow
  • data structure
  • UML
  • procedures
  • specification
  • business processes
  • demographic mapping
  • order processing
  • company structure
  • Documentation
  • procedure notes
  • specifications
  • user documentation
  • training notes
  • Scheduling
  • Order process
  • Project management
  • with critical path
  • Database design
  • SQL schemas
  • optimised indices
  • data normalisation
  • Designing Software
  • innovative & intuitive
  • functionally & UI front-end
  • business focused
  • Developing Software
  • full life cycle to meet business
  • end-user requirements
  • Websites
  • MySQL
  • dynamic PHP, JS & AJAX
  • CMS, SEO, Web 2.0
  • Social Networking links
  • Analytics
  • Joomla 1.5 & WordPress 3.6.1
  • Testing
  • Software & databases
  • Implementation
  • Photoshop
  • CS6 / CS5
  • photos / logo / image manipulation
  • maps with overlays
  • Pre-sales Demonstrations
  • secure JS code
  • XML data
  • Encryption
  • sensitive illegibly stored
  • data protection
  • Internet Marketing
  • Dynamic / Static
  • EAN, 128 and QR
  • 2D and 3D images
  • Brainstorming
  • Furniture re-use
  • CRM
  • Website contact management
  • Customer Service
  • Supply Chain
  • Support Management
  • fault reports / call logs
  • escalation
  • support contracts
  • call centres
  • progress enquiry
  • full action audit
  • client website access
  • online fault entry/status/history
  • Job Costing
  • ‘Below the line’
  • advertising agencies
  • Asset control
  • company owned assets
  • asset management companies
  • Stock Control
  • PC & website
  • movements / purchasing / min levels
  • stocktakes & barcoding
  • Sale Order Processing
  • timber yard
  • builders merchants
  • confectionery
  • food production
  • pharmaceutical
  • computer & office consumables
  • video equipment
  • licensed novelty toiletry
  • goods resellers
  • Accounts Departments
  • software interfaced to
  • Sales ledger
  • Purchase ledger
  • Nominal ledgers
  • Fixed assets register
  • Stock system
  • Sales order processing
  • Purchase order processing
  • Bonus Commission
  • A few, including
  • Evening Standard Newspaper
  • Surrey County Council
  • Rental / Maintenance
  • Call centres
  • office & furniture rental
  • phone company
  • support departments
  • Property Management
  • Properties as assets
  • Holiday websites
  • Construction Industry
  • Bill of Quantities
  • resource estimation
  • cash flow projection
  • forecasting
  • Property Rental
  • Properties as assets
  • Holiday website
  • Physical fitness
    Property Management
  • villa rental
  • client information
  • management control
  • on-line booking
  • availability calendar
  • advanced searches
  • owner statements
  • maintenance staff schedules
  • automatic popup emailing
  • document templates

  • Chris R Green, IT Consultant, Internet Marketing, Banner, Putting IT together, Cullompton, Devon, UK, Consultancy
    Freelance IT Consultant – (July 2003 – to date)
    “Putting IT together” – IT help for businesses – Concentrating on consultancy, Helping to make business goals and dreams more achievable with modern IT technology – Facilitating better use of existing staff and technology – Advising, developing, installing and training on Dynamic CRM websites, Android Apps, PC business software, SQL databases, Microsoft Office and improved documentation / procedures. Originally trading as Chris R Green, then in late 2012 re-branded under the trading name – Your-IT-Consultant

    Android App – Internal and Customer versions – Apr-Jun 2014, see
      Shows live available stock + Update Stock photos to Internal & Website databases – App: Furnistore
  • Internal: Optionally scan barcode or enter stock item code manually, Then allows a photo of the stock items to be taken and allows upload (to both Website/PC system)
  • Customers: real-time view & reserve stock held on PC stock system and PHP based website. Background thread downloading photos, use of local cache for data/photos, 12 activities, animations, dynamic search + notification facility, Find-Us dial compass (to aid finding the charity) with target / bearing (movement) hands shown on compass, sharing of photos/links, security session logon/authorisation, encrypted XML data transfer with PHP rest service.
    Joomla / PHP Website and Holiday villa rental booking / admin – 2011 – 2014/Jun –
      Bespoke PHP villa holiday bookings management website – client booking/billing, owner payment statements, cleaning schedules, availability calendar (+ REST link in XML), advance client villa searching, search history/analysis – payments, billing, emailing & contact management reminders, dynamic popup context sensitive emails (mail-merged templates) & dynamic QR barcodes of hyperlinks for clients to share enquiries / selected villas with family / friends / social media.
  • Specified / managed and developed – Included dynamic popup AJAX generated entry forms & information windows.
  • PHP/Ajax dynamically created HTML:- popup forms + information screens & automatically generated emails – QR barcodes, short hyperlinks, Captcha codes, Internet / Social marketing including Twitter, Flickr, Facebook & Google+
  • Remote setup / maintenance of a dedicated Linux webserver using Parallels Plesk Panel.
    PHP Web based Stock Control, Asset Management & CRM system – 2007-present –
      Designed ReUseWeb in consultation with furniture re-use charities, mixture of paid for / voluntary charity work to show live stock with photos on website from a PC system. Re-wrote website PHP/HTML & maintained: see
  • Local VB 2012 + Web PHP RESTful module to synchronise stock from a local SQL Server to the website MySQL database + Resize / FTP upload photos + download online stock reservations / user forms to a PC based system.
  • Integrated a 3rd party API for printing Bar code labels from within the website.
  • Developed interface: a simple updating/uploading utility ~ Interfaced SQL server to Excel using Visual Studio (VSTO).
  • Enabled greater availability & accuracy of information on the website, increasing customer awareness & revisits.
    Client for 4+ years
      Roomservice Ltd, Surrey – My main responsibility was day-to-day support & to maintain their asset / stock management, job costing, bar coding & periodic rental billing software, with over 120 staff, 175,000 stock/asset items, 2m+ record database.
    Top 10 SEO
      PHP/MySQL dynamic, CMS (Joomla / WordPress) & static websites – Achieved top ranking on Google with SEO, social media / YouTube sharing/links, e.g.
    Bespoke work
      For various companies & individuals – Websites, Visual Studio, Android App, Microsoft Office, eCommerce, training, social media campaigns, consultancy and work from my previous employer ESG (now Concept).
    Project Managed
      New IT bar coding, stock, sales order control system – see (re-use charity).
  • Interpreted requirements, specified enhancements, negotiated price / timescales with 3rd party supplier.
  • Investigated, evaluated & implemented a new inventory software package + specified/installed hardware
  • This saved on staff time by making the sales process 50% more efficient & by reducing manual form filling by 80-90%.
    Chessington, Surrey – Software House

    Senior Software Developer / Business Analyst – (June 1990 to June 2003)
    Reporting to both the Managing Director & Software Development Manager, I designed & developed both multi-user standard & bespoke software which, where applicable, interfaced with the in-house developed accounts package and stock control system. The majority of my role was project based development & client implementation, with hands-on project management responsibility for myself & when required, for small project based teams – the department I worked for has split off to again become Concept Integrated Systems Ltd in Leatherhead.

    Performance was measured by both adhering to internal budgets & achieving agreed client timescales
    I liaised with new & existing clients, at all levels, including board members.
    Full project life cycle, from pre-sales demos to ensuring clients signed off completed work.
    Analysed requirements to produce functional / design specifications & work/data flow diagrams.
    Designing database schemas, both 4GL languages & SQL Server.
    Estimating time, produce client quotes & scheduling for internal / external use.
    Programming, testing, data conversion / auditing & reconciliation.
    Internal / external documentation & training.
      For use in call centres & support departments, SMS allowed for the managing / monitoring and escalation of customer support calls / fault logs.
  • Consulted with both end-users, clients & internal support department to design/develop this package.
  • Interfaced to the job costing / accounts packages & facilitated client access via websites.
  • Catered for CTI (telephone dialling / screen popping), automatic emailing and periodic billing.
      Developed to facilitate sales order processing / asset management & periodic billing functions within the job costing / bag methodology of working.
  • Completed within budget, both timescale (12 month initial project) and financial (100k).
  • Was responsible for a 2 person team for this development.
  • Worked with 2 major clients, one of which sold/maintained phone systems also used SMS (above).
  • Enabled a 50% improvement in sales using existing staff level through implementation of this project.
      Processed orders through to despatch/invoice, with full stock control, BOM, special prices / offers, stocktakes, bar coding, multi-location, client history, analysis & full auditing.
  • Had sole responsibility for the implementation / support of all distribution based clients over a 6+ year period.
  • Designed & specified the redevelopment of SOP & the stock system to cater for telesales & point of sale use.
  • Enhanced & configured SOP to meet client requirements.
  • Installed with ac. ledgers into a wide variety of clients covering many industry sectors.
      A job bag / cost centre based package with estimates / quotations, time / expenses, WIP accruals, sales invoicing, back-back purchases, profitability analysis & new business marketing / campaigns
  • Was responsible for project management from contract to implementation for several advertising agency clients
  • Enhanced functionality in key areas such as job scheduling with Gantt charts which integrated with MS Office
  • Utilities / functionality for Microsoft office using VBA
    Ashdown Business Systems Ltd, East Grinstead – Small Business
    Developed Job Costing, Quote Master, Fidelity Tax Master, Job Estimating, Media Analysis, Travel Booking,
    Cash Book, Bonus Calculation, Sales Order Processing – interfaced to Pegasus accounts ledgers

    ABS Oldacres Computers Ltd – Construction Industry Software House
    Enhanced Bill of Quantities & developed Resource Estimating, Cash flow analysis, Post Contract, SOP.
    Fiveways Software Ltd, Birmingham – Educational Software House
    Wrote pre-specified educational software for schools and home use.
    Royal Russell School, Surrey
    10 x O levels and 2 x A levels – Computer Science (B, 98% in project) & Economics and was made prefect and a head of house in final year.
    Elmhurst School, South Croydon, Surrey
    Primary School – Was a prefect in final year
    Furnistore in East Surrey
    Furniture re-use charity based in Redhill – Which helps people on low incomes with donated pre-owned household items – I have helped out since 2006 and been a trustee since 2011 with responsibility for IT (out of hours role).
    Reigate Community Festival, Surrey
    2013 & 2014, Helped organise, run the social media campaign (Twitter, Facebook), produce marketing material (2013 – fliers, days programme, new logo and banner) and keep the website fresh and up to date.

    – larger map –

    Your-IT-Consultant, Chris R Green, IT Consultant, Putting IT together, Cullompton, Devon, UK, Internet Marketing, Contact
    Your-IT-Consultant, Chris R Green, IT Consultant, Putting IT together, Cullompton, Devon, UK, Internet Marketing, Free Initial Consultation


    Chris R Green – Profile

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       Chris R Green – website
       Furnistore in East Surrey
       Reigate Community Festival
       Reigate Events Collective
       Concept Integrated Systems (formally part of ESG)


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