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Last updated:Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Services – Consultancy

Your-IT-Consultant gives advice to businesses on how best to use IT ( technology) to better meet their business objectives.  To achieve this, we need to meet with you to discuss, analyse and better understand your business. 

Our aim then would be to give independent and objective advice, guidance / suggestions on;

  • Areas that IT is not used to it’s full potential
  • Better use of your existing software / hardware
  • Introduction of new technologies
  • Produce a specification for bespoke / tailored software where required
  • Identify parts of your business that could benefit by an IT solution
  • Staffing could benefit from further training and/or support
  • Integration of disparate departments / existing software solutions
  • Extraction / Analysis and Summary of company data for management reporting
  • Improved Internet / Mobile marketing
  • and more…
    With over 30 years experience, within the IT industry, primarily within client facing / business analysis / software development roles – We feel confident of being able to help your company achieve greater potential through a better and more efficient use of IT.

    What to do now

    Please contact Chris today, without delay for your FREE initial meeting to discuss how Your-IT-Consultant can benefit your business.

    Your-IT-Consultant – Putting IT together – IT help for businesses

    Last updated:Sunday, September 14, 2014 FREE ‘any use’ 30 mins Call today, without delay and arrange for your – no obligation, totally FREE ‘any use’ 30 mins / initial meeting / consultation or for whatever IT reason you require.  For example, this time can be used for; To discuss, review or perform any of the …


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